The Wunderplan story

The story of Wunderplan started back in 2011, in the corner of a tiny restaurant on Jókai street, in Budapest. Desperately searching for a completely new view and interpretation on IT and project management, we have decided to write openly and honestly about our profession, and have brought Derrick and Harry Project Management Blog to life.

We have built a community, gathered experiences, opinions and boosted by our blog’s overwhelming success we have decided to start the greatest adventure of our lives: our own consulting company. A company that is not omniscient, it is not infallible, but it works honestly, believes in the power of the community and in real results.

We do not work from management handbooks and do not work for the drawer.
With several decades of practical experience behind us we help you build your excellent IT: make your projects successful, have better software products, have more efficient processes and a happier team.

Consultancy Services

What we do

IT project and IT management consultancy, IT organizational and procedural development, IT strategy and controlling, and interim management.

Who we do it for

IT service providers and product development companies, IT departments and project management teams of large enterprises.

How we do it

We mix our specialised methods gained on the “battlefield” of IT and enterprise business projects with modern consulting techniques, always adding a pinch of fun.

Training Services


Open trainings

We regularly offer open trainings utilizing the power of active participation, stories and gamification on IT and project management hand in hand with our consultant partners. These events provide a great opportunity for the participants to learn not just from us, but also from each other.


On-location trainings

Project management and PMO management, IT management, professional and human management topics, in a fun and enjoyable way from the fist minute to the last, all tailored to fit your needs. On location at your premises, or on custom locations, whatever helps your team .



In addition to our trainings,
we organize workshops on topics like management, IT and projects, based on the needs of our clients, where we look for practical solutions actively involving the participants, revealing best practices and grave mistakes as well.


About Derrick and Harry blog

The Derrick and Harry project management blog is the founders’ revolutionary way of writing about projects, IT and management. Each month visited by tens of thousands of readers, the blog shows how things work in the world of information technology in a different, sometimes ironic light.
/Blog is in Hungarian. English coming soon./