How we work?

All Wunderplan projects are different, but there are some basic steps we are going to take while working together:

Getting to know each other:

Who are you? What is your purpose? Who do you provide services for? Software House or IT Provider? IT department or PMO? Where do you come from, how do you work?

bottlenecks and weaknesses:

What is it that hurts? In what kind of situation is your company in the moment? What are you dissatisfied with, what kind of dangers are you exposed to?

Definition of goals:

What would you like to become? What you want to be better in? What is your vision of the future?

Creating a Plan:

How to get to the finish line? Who, when and what should do to help your team become better? How can we help you in this?

Implementing the Plan:

With our practice-oriented, day-to-day support we can reach the finish line together!